Grounding Block for GL1800

As you accumulate powered accessories on your bike,
the battery terminals start getting crowded, I installed
the Power Panel from the Electrical Connection.
Then you need a place for electrical grounding.
Here is the grounding block I have installed on my GL1800
Total cost for parts less than $5 at Radio Shack.

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You need two items from Radio Shack:
#274-670 Barrier Strip
#274-650 Jumper Strip
This is an 8 position Barrier Strip, it has 8 terminals to connect ground wires.
The Jumper Strip connects these 8 terminals together so they function as one,
this way I only have one extra wire running to the negative terminal of the battery.
The block is attached by double stick foam mounting tape
in a convenient place of your choice.

Electrical Connection

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