Tools and cables required for adjusting
your SWR on your Gold Wing

The first thing you need is an SWR meter

Radio Shack SWR meter

This SWR meter is Radio Shack item # 21-534

Radio Shack # 278-117             Radio Shack # 278-208             Radio Shack 278-121

Motorola connectors Radio Shack # 278-117 on the left, and Radio Shack # 278-208 in the middle, Radio Shack # 278-121 on the right

You will also need Radio Shack # 278-968 which is a 2 ft cable assembly, that cable has the PL-259 connectors on each end, assemble 278-117 and 278-121 to each other, that connection then plugs into the antenna side of the SWR meter, 278-208 attaches to one end of the cable, the other end goes to the Radio side of the SWR meter, then you will have the patch cables needed to check your SWR

Radio Shack connectors

Radio Shack connectors

Radio Shack connectors

This gives you the connectors and cables needed, no soldering required

Location of the fuel pump noise filter

This shows the location of the CB noise filter under the seat of the GL1800

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