Replacing a low beam headlight bulb on the GL1800

Rear view of headlight

This photo shows the right low beam headlight from the rear,
the handlebars are turned to the far left to see this, note
 the electrical plug and the surrounding weather boot.
After removing the plug, the black surrounding
weather boot simply pulls off, you will see a
spring loaded clip retaining the bulb, unlock
the clip and the bulb easily pulls out the back
of the headlight assembly.

Be careful not to touch the glass with your fingers
If you touch the glass, carefully clean with alcohol
to avoid premature bulb failure.
This shows the bulb and weather boot

This shows the H7 bulb with the plastic adapter
on the base, the weather boot is on the right.

This shows the bulb with the plastic adapter removed

This shows the plastic adapter removed from the base
 of the H7 bulb, it should be installed on the new bulb. 
Note the bulb and adapter have a locater notch which
must be aligned when the bulb is replaced in the
headlight assembly.

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Updated November 9, 2006